Tourism in Darjeeling revolves around the tourists who visit the hill station to look at various view spots, visit different tea gardens and monasteries.

But while on a Darjeeling tour, you can see different viewpoints and tea estates but you need to take a look at the different temples which are present in the hill station. You might be wondering why you would visit temples even though there are many tourist places in Darjeeling, but when you enter the monasteries you will find out why. The Darjeeling hill station is known for its unmatched natural beauty, serene views and among all of the beautiful places of Darjeeling the Buddha temple is one. The locals call this temple the Dhoom Gompa.

You will find a beautiful statue of the prospective Buddha in the Dhoom Gompa Darjeeling. You will also be able to find old Buddhist scriptures here which were handwritten. This place is situated pretty close to Darjeeling. It is only 8 kilometers away from the main town. If you are looking for a place for worship where you can go to free your mind and meditate peacefully, then this Gompa is the perfect one for you.

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