India being a religiously diverse country possesses a unique cultural mix and Ghats are an indispensable and inseparable part of this culture. There are numerous places in the country which are known for some of the most amazing Ghats in the country.

The Jandhri Ghat is also one of the many astounding Ghats in the Country. The Jandri Ghat Dalhousie is an important reflection of the cultural aspect of Dalhousie making it an integral part of the place.

There are several other tourist places near Dalhousie ranging from hill stations to Wildlife Sanctuary to many others. The tourist places in Dalhousie are primarily renowned for their natural elegance and close association with the nature providing several tourist attractions in Dalhousie. But the JandriGhat place is something very unique about the diversity which this place offers. It is a palace which once served as the residence to Governor of Chamba and later to Lord Dalhousie.Bendy streams, amidst the tall pine trees and an ineffable palace, are some of the major attractions of the place.

The Dalhousie travel is convenient in terms of easy transport facilities and this place is no exception to it. One can conveniently reach this place via bus, taxi or on foot.

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