Kargil is one of those towns that suddenly gain historic importance. There is not much here of ancient history. Instead modern history has been created here during our lifetimes. This city formed part of India following the outcome of a bitterly fought war between India and Pakistan immediately after independence.

Effectively, in 1947-48 war it was agreed by both these countries that the line of control would leave Kargil on the Indian side. However, Pakistani insurgents joined hands with separatists to create what is known as Kargil conflict in the region, and gained temporary control of this town in 1999. Indian army was forced to launch an offensive to regain the control of the town.

Tourism in Kashmir includes tourism to Kargil for this reason. People arriving in the town are told about  Kargil and what exactly happened here between May and July of 1999. Ironically, Kargil would have remained not so important halt between Srinagar and Leh.

The logistic problems that Indian army faced can be understood by studying Kargil map and the kind of tactics needed that are needed to fight in mountains can also be learned. The aircrafts that were used during that war can be seen here. LOC Kargil is a movie that was made on this war. Obviously it is a place for adventurous looking for some trekking and hiking opportunities.

Kargil Tourist Map

Facts About Kargil
Area 14,086 km2
State Jammu and Kashmir
Languages Shina, Balti, Purig, Ladakhi
Best Time to Visit April to September
Nearest Railway Station Jammu Tawi Railway Station
Nearest Airport Srinagar Airport
Famous Mulbekh Monastery, Sani Monastery, Karsha Monastery, Padum, Phokar
STD Code 91-1985

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