Ooty Race Course is one of the finest racecourses found in India. It is located in the Blue Mountains of Ooty and Ooty Tourism has improved and got better because of Horse Racing in the Ooty Hill station.

Horse racing is regularly held through the summer season from the month of April and continues to go on until June. Race Course is a major attraction in Ooty, as horse racing is treated as a lively summer tourist attraction. The racecourse is built over an extensive area and is present in the middle of the Ooty town.

Rapidly running horses in the racecourse is an exclusive tourist attraction, as the horse race patronage has reduced immensely. There are around 500 horses that compete for the title in the race. Horse races are on par with the flower festival that is held annually. This festival also has equal admirers like horse racing in the racecourse. It is traditional for people to visit Ooty during summer times to escape the extreme heat of summer. Hence horse racing is a famous and popular summer sport in Ooty. Ooty holds a main position in the Indian horse racing circuit.

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