One of the best picnic spots in Panchgani India is the point located 1 kms away from the centre of Panchgani. This is the Parsi point which is one of the most airy places present in Mahabaleshwar. You can even get the most magnificent view of the Dhoom Dam from this place. In fact, you will be able to see the Wai village along with the Krishna Valley when you travel to Parsi Point Panchgani tourist places.

If you need a place to look for the natural beauty of the mountains then the Parsi Point tours is what you should be looking for. In fact, one of the main Panchgani places to visit is the Parsi point. When you go for Parsi Point travel you will find various scenic beauty which is going to amaze you. Starting from the cool calm weather with the lush green meadows to the tea plantation on both sides of the road the parsi point travel is a serene one. You can probably spend hours and hours in this point, admiring the view of the majestic mountains and the valley that lies beneath it while you get hit by the chilly breeze from the mountain sides of the parsi point panchgani.

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