The Seven Sisters Peaks in the Western Himalayas are one of the most amazing places in Manali. The place is very well known for its apple orchards, old wooden temples and local folks steeped in tradition.

The terrific mountain ranges and the pleasant weather combine to promise a delightful experience to the tourists and the travelers. It brings a roller coaster drive in the form of an adventure tour.

The trekking tour in the Himalayas is very famous particularly among the locals and it also has a large number of national tourists who come to face nature and relish its elegance. The trekking peaks are the most popular destinations when it comes to climbing near Manali. Tours to Himachal Pradesh peaks have soared with the growth of tourism in the region and this has attracted people from all over the world. Manali tour promises so much and this place is a glitter to it.

Manali tourist places are famous for their distinctive natural surroundings and the Himachal Pradesh peaks expedition is one of the many facets of this wonderful place. The Seven Sister Peak is a silent place and provides a gorgeous view of the mountains with innumerable other astonishing sites expressing the elegance of Manalitourist places in a scintillating manner.

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