Aligarh is a well established city in India’s Uttar Pradesh province. There are other cities by the same name. This is the reason Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh is referred to as Aligarh UP.  Its latitude and longitude coordinates are 27.88 N and 78.08 East respectively. Archeologically, remnants of Buddhist structures, followed by some Hindu structures have been found in this city. Famous traveler, Ibn Battuta’s works mention about Aligarh, which back then was known as Koil or Kol. This city is just 90 miles away from South eastern parts of Delhi. So many tourists who come to Delhi buy Aligarh map and travel in hired cars to this place.

Famous tourist places in Aligarh include Aligarh Fort, and Sir Syed Masjid. There are a few tombs of well known Muslim monarchs, and other saints. The Mangalayatan Teerth Dham on Aligarh to Agra road is an exquisite Jain temple. Aligarh University is renowned center for studying theology and Islam amongst other subjects. The grounds of the University campus are worth a glimpse. Industrially, city is famous for locks. 

Aligarh is connected to neighboring cities by road, and railways. As of now, the city does not have any airport but will be getting one soon enough. There several good hotels in Aligarh. It is also not difficult to find an affordable hotel in Aligarh.

Aligarh Tourist Map

Facts About Aligarh
Area 130 km2
State Uttar Pradesh
Languages Hindi, Urdu and English
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Aligarh Junction
Nearest Airport Delhi Airport
Famous Sir Syed Masjid, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh fort
STD Code 91-571

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