Anjuna is a village in Goa, which is very well known for its scenic beauty and the party culture that it supports. The Anjuna beach has got a unique and marvellous natural existence.  The amazing combination of the white sand and the red rocks give a pleasing sight to the eyes. The Anjuna beach resort extends the flavour of this already magnificent place by further adding the colours of nature.

The resorts in Anjuna beach Goa have always exhibited their unique class through some of the unimaginable and extremely pleasing sight. Goa and its beaches are known all over the world but this beach in Goa is indeed something special and very different from others. 

The Anjuna beach map provides a good review of the place to look for. With the right kind of hotel in Anjuna, the pleasure of being here is indeed intensified for a tourist. Swimming and sunbathing are the common activities in the Anjuna beach and this has attracted a lot foreign tourists to this place.

The flea market of Anjuna which includes products of wide varieties has also attracted a number of tourists. The popularity of the place has led to the establishment of a number of bars and cafes in the area.

Anjuna Beach Tourist Map

Facts About Anjuna Beach
Area 5 km2
State Goa
Languages English, Konkani, Marathi, Hindi
Best Time to Visit November To March
Nearest Railway Station Vasco da gama
Nearest Airport Dabolim Airport in South Goa
Famous Anjuna Flea Market, Chapora Fort
STD Code 91-832

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