Aurangabad is another city in India that boasts of several historic structures, primarily reflecting Muslim architecture. Bibi Ka Maqbara is one such historic building that resembles Taj Mahal, but is not as glorious. This shrine was built in honor of Aurangzeb’s first wife. Perhaps it lacks the emotion called love because it was built by the son rather than the husband. Other historic structures here include Zeb Un Nisa palace, and Mecca Gate. Many of these structures are in ruins or being used as government buildings.

Aurangabad tourism is however more famous because of the paintings and sculptures in its Ajanta and Ellora caves which date back to almost 2nd century before Christ. Buddhist sculpting and paintings here have survived time and made art of that era immortal. The facades, large human sculptures, and roofs of these caves are amazing because most of these columns and sculpting was done with hand tools. Even the colors that were used in that era have survived, which speaks volumes of the quality of paints that may have been used. More information about Aurangabad can be obtained from tourism authorities or from personnel at hotel in Aurangabad.

There are Mumbai to Aurangabad buses that can help the tourists to cut costs. Map of Aurangabad can help the tourists plan their itinerary as desired instead of visiting places that they do not want to visit. Affordable hotel accommodations are available here, but opting for a hotel in Aurangabad that has at least a two star rating would be better.

Aurangabad Tourist Map

Facts About Aurangabad
Area 300 km2
State Maharashtra
Languages Marathi, Hindi, English
Best Time to Visit Oct – Mar
Nearest Railway Station Aurangabad railway station
Nearest Airport Aurangabad Airport
Famous Aurangabad Caves, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Chauk Masjid,Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves
STD Code 91-240

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