Berijam Lake, a reservoir of pure natural mountain water is situated near Kodaikanal in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. You can find the Kodaikanal Berijam Lake at the end of Pillar Rocks Road which is on the south-west of Kodaikanal Lake.

Now a day’s entry to the lake is restricted and permission to enter the lake is to be collected from the Forestry Department – Kodaikanal. Inside the lake, there is a swamp ecosystem, natural trail, bridge, nature-walk, museum, medicinal plants, etc.  From Kodaikanal visitors can take a taxi or a bus through a narrow mountain road which passes through a dense forest to reach Berijam Lake but this is one of the must-see Kodaikanal tourist places.

There are Sixty-one resorts in Kodaikanal, some of these hotels are near the Kodai Lake. Visitors are advised to book the Kodai resort in advance during the peak season.  The five-kilometer Kodai Lake is the main point of Kodaikanal. On the eastern side of the Lake is the Bryant Park noted for flowers. Seven kilometers from the lake is the Pillar’s Rock. Near the Kodai Golf-club is the Green Valley View from where the Vaigai Dam can be seen.  Another point of interest is Dolphin’s nose which a visitor should not miss.

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