Bhimtal Lake is a lake in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. It is located in the Bhimtal town and is one of the most amazing lakes in the country. It is an incessant lake supporting aquatic life throughout the year and also aids winter stopover for the Trans Himalayan birds.

Nainital tourism is very well known for its amazing natural ecstasy and with the presence of Bhimtal Lake, this prosperity is extended manifolds. The Bhimtal Lake Nainitalis so much a part of Nainital tour that it is most often referred to as the Nainital Lake.

There are several other Lakes in Nainital as well but the elegance and captivity of the Bhimtal Lake are such that it is known as the Lake of Nainital among the tourists and the travelers. The distinctive feature of the natural lakes around Nainital is the picturesque gesture in their appearance and larger than life experience they provide to the tourists and the onlookers.

Nainital is well connected by road and rail. People traveling frequently make use of buses and taxi for convenience. The Bhimtal Lake NainitalUttrakahand adds another amazing chapter to the already enthralling and captivating book of Nainital tourism embracing nature’s amazing creations.

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