Byron Garbutt Point is a peak known for trekking. Adventurous trekking lovers just can’t get enough of this Garbut Point, as trekking in this peak is a thrilling and adventurous experience.

Adventure trekkers make sure to trek in this challenging Byron Garbutt Point Matheran. This point connects or leads to many other Matherran places to visit. Trekking with the backdrop of the lush green forest would be any trekkers dream. Many waterfalls are present in the point and after a tiresome trekking one can just relax and bath in the waterfalls.

Of all the Points of Matheran, Byron Garbutt Point is famous among the trek lovers. The cool windy climate makes the trekking all the more challenging. After trekking one can also take the footpath southwards which will take them to one tree hill. One tree hill got its name because of the single huge tree present at this Matheran point.

People who are touring the Matheran Hill Stations make sure to visit all of the points present in Matheran. The view from the points would be just more than awesome. Byron Garbutt point is not only loved by trek lovers but also by the normal tourists for its majesty and charm.

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