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If you are not sure about where is Chandigarh then knowing the location of Chandigarh is very essential before you opt to travel to this city for the first time. One can find that the Chandigarh location map as a highly useful one as it is designed to offer one with a clear cut idea about the details of demographic location, the population and the location of various districts in the city.

Chandigarh city is the union territory and the capital of Haryana and Punjab states of India. Being the first planned city after independence, Chandigarh city is well known all over the world for its urban design and architecture. The location map of Chandigarh shows that it lies between 30.74′ North and 76.79′ east and has an elevation of about 321 metres above the sea level.

Chandigarh location map in India has Haryana and Punjab as the neighbouring states and it covers an area of around 44.5 square meters. This entire area is well-knit by various roadways and railways that make it easy for the traveller to travel from one destination to another. This location map is highly helpful for a first-time traveller who plans to visit this city.

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