Flights from Coimbatore to Bhuj

FromToFlight No.DepartureArrivalDaysAirlines
CoimbatoreBhujAI65815:0508:50Tue Fri Thu SatAirindia
CoimbatoreBhuj9W703319:4508:50Mon Fri Thu SatJetairways
CoimbatoreBhujS2464619:4516:40Daily Ex Wed SunJetlite
CoimbatoreBhujS2376507:5516:40Daily Ex Wed SunJetlite
CoimbatoreBhuj9W276507:5516:40Daily Ex Wed SunJetairways
CoimbatoreBhuj9W702010:4516:40Daily Ex Wed SunJetairways
CoimbatoreBhujS2484310:4516:40Daily Ex Wed SunJetlite
CoimbatoreBhuj9W75619:5516:40Mon Tue FriJetairways
CoimbatoreBhujS2502819:5508:50Tue Fri Thu SatJetlite
CoimbatoreBhujS2485220:1008:50Daily Ex WedJetlite

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Coimbatore Airport AddressBhuj Airport Address
Airport Name: Civil Aerodrome
Address: Civil Aerodrome
Coimbatore-641014 (Tamil Nadu)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +05:30 hours
Latitude: 11´01′48″N
Longitude: 077´02′36″E
Airport Name: Shyamji Krishna Verma Bhuj Airport
Address: Civil Enclave
Bhuj Airport
Bhuj – 370 001 (Gujarat)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +05:30 hours
Latitude: 23´17′16″N
Longitude: 069´40′13″E

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