Coimbatore is one of the prominent cities of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Tracing the historical reign, the city was ruled by the Cholas, the Pandyas and the Madurai Nayaks at different stages. It has good industrial reputation and this is one of the vital aspects about Coimbatore. Textile, manufacturing, software services and education industries play a critical role in the economy of the city.

Coimbatore India is often referred to as the Manchester of South India because of its profoundness in the textile industry. The Coimbatore map gives a detailed description of the various routes which can be used for travel in the Coimbatore city. Estimates regarding where is Coimbatore when it comes to the contribution it makes to the economy suggest that the place provides a significant value to the country.

The Coimbatore International Airport provides air services and it connects the city to various places. The Coimbatore Airport caters to domestic as well as international flights. The Coimbatore hotels are famous for their infrastructure and service offerings. Hotel in Coimbatore form an important part of the tourism industry. People of Coimbatore are considered to have entrepreneurial spirit and it is the most cosmopolitan city of Tamil Nadu due to extravagant religious and cultural mix.

Coimbatore Tourist Map

Facts About Coimbatore
Area 254 km2
State Tamil Nadu
Languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit Sep – Mar
Nearest Railway Station Coimbatore
Nearest Airport Coimbatore
Famous Sri Subramanyasami Temple, Perur Temple, Lord Ranganatha Temple, Kovai Kutrallam Waterfalls
STD Code 91-422

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