ndaman’s coral Island offers people an excellent opportunity to go on scuba diving to see the splendid colors that the sea hides from humans. There are ample colorful fishes, and crustaceans with exquisite shells and designs out here. Swimming past myriads of colorful corals under the sea at Andaman’s coral islands is an unforgettable experience. Some of these coral growths can also be seen on the surface.

The water here is very clean and clear like most other beaches facing the Pacific Ocean even though these islands are in the Bay of Bengal. There are a lot of trees, especially palm trees and coconut trees near these beaches. The undulating landscape is filled with tropic forests which have not been commercially exploited. Therefore, the coral beach on Andaman has a very picturesque horizon. The beauty of the place increases early in the morning and late in the evenings. The coral island here is often referred to as North Bay.

One of the things many people do not know about Coral Island is that during British rule, many British soldiers had their residences out here. The British government also ran one of its administrative offices from these islands as it was centrally position to manage more than one place in South East asia. However, there is not much evidence of such things around these days because a devastating earthquake wiped away most of those buildings. It is possible to travel by road to this place. The other route is through sea.

Coral Island Tourist Map

Facts About Coral Island
State Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Languages Nicobarese, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali
Best Time to Visit October and April
Nearest Railway Station Chennai
Nearest Airport Vir Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair
Famous water corals, scuba diving, snorkeling, Coral reefs, white sand beaches
STD Code 91-3192

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