When you reach Gangtok you can see the Buddhist flags fluttering in the wind, the sound of monks praying, the smell of the lush greenery surrounding you, the sound of the birds chirping, this is what makes the Gangtok tourist place one of the best places to visit for your holiday.

Another feature that Gangtok is famous for is the Gangtok view point, like the Tashi view point, Ganesh Tok and son on. Apart from the scenic view, Gangtok is also one of the hotspots’ for cottage industry in India.

You can pick up a few colourful handicrafts at the Sikkim Government Institute of Cottage Industry. This place is situated at the Zero point and you can even pick up a few handmade local handicrafts from this cottage industry store. You can even buy a few souvenirs like carpets, hand carved furniture, masks made from wood, handmade paper and various other traditional handicrafts as well. You can even learn a bit more about cottage industry from the institute, which is quite interesting. Also the price of the handicrafts items at this place is also very reasonable and the quality is pretty good as well. But more over, you get an item which is absolute unique.

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