The Echo Point in Munnar is one of the places known for its acoustics design. The place gets its name because of the natural echo phenomenon here. Echo point Munnar lies on the way to the Top Station from Munnar.

Trekking and nature walks are popular activities in this scenic destination of Echo Point- Kerala with the picturesque views of the green hills.

Echo point Munnar Kerala also has an adjacent echo point park which draws many tourists. It is definitely one of the prominent Munnar places to visit. Attractions in Munnargenerally include sites which are hilly and have pleasant weather. Ranging from the tea garden to hilly mountains the place has a lot to offer. However, the natural acoustics of the Munnar echo point is an experience of its own and cannot be compared with anything else. A view of Echo point is must if you are visiting this place. People have always praised about the trip to Munnar primarily because of the excellent offerings it has for its tourists and travelers.

Hotels in Munnar of excellent quality are available which further enhance the delight of the tourists while their stay in this wonderful hill station which has always been a marvelous experience for the people.

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