Hill Stations In India

India is a land of wonder and amazement. In each and every inch of its existence, it carries with itself a unique trait of evolution and development. The stories of India have inspired and influenced many with its rich history. These stories are an inseparable part of the Indian culture and history and fondly describe the amazing diversity and unity of the country. Of the many places to travel in the country for various reasons, hill stations have always been one of the popular grounds for the tourists. The exotic climatic variation along with the natural elegance that is offered by these places provides a deep sense of gratification for the tourists.

Hill stations in India are one of the renowned places of tourism. Shimla is one such example which is well known for the cold and pleasant climate. Along with the climatic variations the place also carries with itself various places of religious importance where worshipers and followers incessantly come and demonstrate their faith in the religion. Adventure sports also persuade travellers to reach this avalanche of pleasure. For you as a traveler, Shimla stands out on numerous fronts to be one of the most desired places to visit.

Other best hill stations in India include Nainital, Darjeeling, Ooty, Munnar. Some of these hill stations have astounding geographies which offer jaw-dropping experience. Talking about the most prominent hill stations in south India, you would be pleased to know that there is no dearth of places to visit. Coorg, Munnar, Anantagiri hills, Araku Valley, Chikaldhara, Horsley hills, Idukki, Kodaikanal, Waynad, Nilgiri hills, Panchgani and many more enhance the beauty of the southern part of the country. These are some of the busiest places of tourist attractions in the country and see a large number of footfalls during the summer season.

It is indeed really hard to pick a hill station and recommend to you like the best hill station in India. The best and perhaps the most fitting way for you to decide and determine the best hill station in India would be to explore each of these places on your own. Hill station in India gives a picturesque portray of the country which largely exhibits some really remarkable sites which are only going to make you deeply attached with each of the places. The choice is for you to decide and select a place to begin the journey with a never-ending admiration.

Famous Hill Stations India


Shimla Hill Station
Ooty Hill Station
Mussoorie Hill Station
Nainital Hill Station
Manali Hill Station
Lonavala Hill Station
Dalhousie Hill Station
Darjeeling Hill Station
Gangtok Hill Station
Gulmarg Hill Station
Kodaikanal Hill Station
Mahabaleshwar Hill Station
Munnar Hill Station
Matheran Hill Station
Panchgani Hill Station

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