Nestled in the North West region, Himachal Pradesh is a place of immense beauty. The topographic location of the state makes it an excellent destination with breath taking beauty. The place is an amazing tourist destination with trans Himalayan desert regions, lush greenery offered by the deodar forests, orchards with sweet smelling apples, snow tipped Himalayan ranges, snow spread lakes, gushing rivers and terrace farming ranges. With Himachal Pradesh Maps in hand one can easily find out that there are five major zones which draws the visitor’s attention towards the place. There are also some offbeat destinations which are also rich in natural beauty and picturesque locations.

The cities in Himachal Pradesh are well connected through airways, roadways and airways. The major bases of tourist importance are Shimla, Kullu manali, Dalhousie, Chamba, Kangra – Dharmshala and Nahan – Paonta. The airports have lot of flights plying across various locations every day that makes it easier for one to reach this state across any location in the world.

The fascinating feature about Himachal Pradesh is that it has various projects to harness the electric power by harnessing the rivers that flows from the hills that makes it a fully fledged power house. The power is shared with areas such as Punjab, Haryana and northern plain. When referring to the history of Himachal Pradesh one will know that this place was full of hills in and around Shimla, its capital. Later in 1971, it became a republic state which led to its progress in a unique way. This state is predominant in the field of agriculture and about 71% of the total population is dependent on agriculture. Also this sector contributes around 30% of the total domestic product of the state. Apart from this, the state is a leading example in harnessing soil, water, land and other natural resources to sustain ecological balance and to safeguard the welfare of farming communities.

The facts about Himachal Pradesh state that 18% to 20% of the total area is irrigated and the rest of the area are well nourished and watered by rain. The farmers are educated regarding the importance of soil preservation and water conservations. They ensure that high technology is used to use the natural resources to its minimum. The districts in Himachal Pradesh are popular and unique in different aspects and are popular among the neighboring states for its various sanctuaries that are full of wild life and botanical treasures.

Himachal Pradesh Map

Facts About Himachal Pradesh
Area 55,673 km2
Capital Shimla
Languages Hindi
Literacy 83.78%
Population 6,856,509
Largest City Shimla

List of all Districts in Himachal Pradesh

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
BI Bilaspur Bilaspur 340,735 1,167
CH Chamba Chamba 460,499 6,528
HA Hamirpur Hamirpur 412,009 1,118
KA Kangra Dharamshala 1,338,536 5,739
KI Kinnaur Reckong Peo 83,950 6,401
KU Kullu Kullu 379,865 5,503
LS Lahaul and Spiti Keylong 33,224 13,835
MA Mandi Mandi 900,987 3,950
SH Shimla Shimla 721,745 5,131
SI Sirmaur Nahan 458,351 2,825
SO Solan Solan 499,380 1,936
UNA Una Una 447,967 1,540

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