Jakhoo Hill is situated in one of the most popular Hill Stations in India, Shimla. Shimla is known for its wonderful landscape, natural grace and moreover extremely pleasant weather.

The Jakhoo Hills is also home to a very well-known Jakhu temple Shimla which is of great importance to the people of the region. This Jakhu temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman.

The Jakhu temple of Himachal Pradesh observes a huge inflow of followers from all over the country. It becomes denser with the human population during festive occasions and particularly in Dussehra when a special fare is organized. The legend states that it was at this place where Lord Hanuman rested when he went out to search for Sanjivani.

The temple is surrounded by the huge presence of monkeys and precautionary advice is given to the visitors to take care of their belongings while they stay at the temple. The Jakhoo Hill Shimla has gained significant popularity primarily because of the presence of the Jakhu temple. People have tremendous beliefs and with strong conviction, they come here frequently to visit their Lord. This has also boosted Himachal tourism to a measurable extent which is growing in popularity with every passing day.

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