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If one does have a question like where is Lakshadweep then he/she can find an answer to his query with the location map of Lakshadweep which would explain that Lakshadweep is a group of islands situated in the Laccadive Sea at the western coast of India. The map would offer information that these islands are 440 km apart from Kerala.

The location map of Lakshadweep shows that it is a cluster of islands including three reefs, five submerged banks, and twelve atolls. The Lakshadweep location map in India shows that Agatti, Minicoy, Kavaratti and Amini as the main islands of Lakshadweep and its total approximate population as per the 2001 census is 60595.

You can travel by airplane from Kochi to reach the location of Lakshadweep on the island of Agatti. Lakshadweep location map shows that Keltan, Bitra, Kadamat, Perumal Per and Amini are the Amindivi group of islands while Kavaratti, Androth, Suheli Par, Pitti, and Kalpeni are included in the Laccadive group of islands which are connected by a submarine. These two islands along with Minicoy Island form Corel Islands in the Arabian Sea. Jeseri, Mahl and Malayalam are the main languages spoken by the people of Lakshadweep. One can also know the various transport routes through the map of this region.

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