Mahabaleshwar club is a famous, well-maintained club built-in 1881. Though it is more than a century old, the club Mahabaleshwar is still famous and flourishing and it is main place to see in Mahabaleshwar.

The buildings of the club Mahabaleshwar was built with red stones and its stands to speak about the rich heritage and the history of Mahabaleshwar Maharashtra. The privilege of staying in Mahabaleshwar club Maharashtra is given only to the esteemed and the august club members and their guests.

This club is known for its well-tended garden, meadows, and woods along with its exclusive Golf course. The club also offers extensive indoor recreational activities like carom, billiards, chess, table tennis and the housie sessions in the nights. Also, they have provision for outdoor activities like croquet and tennis, not to mention the Golf. Morning jog in the club’s jogging track is sure to give anybody, health, and tranquility.

This club in Mahabaleshwar is spread over more than sixty-six acres of land. The club strives hard to provide its members with a mixture of old deep-rooted hospitality in the new world comforts. One can enjoy the blend of the old tradition and the new modern comforts. The club Mahabaleshwar is a place to rediscover self.

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