If you are searching for an exotic location that kindles the exploring spirit hidden within you, then choosing Maharashtra would be an ideal choice. The location is popular for its various caves, buildings of architectural importance, trekking ranges, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks. The capital of this state in Mumbai. The Maharashtra Maps would tell one about its location which is on the important part in Deccan Plateau. This state in the western region of the sub-continent has an area of 307,713 sq. km. This state also shares its borders with Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka.

The climate of this region is moderate throughout the summer and winter. The monsoon season makes up for 80% of the total rainfall of Maharashtra. The cities in Maharashtra are fully connected with a well-planned transport system that coordinates the movement of roads, rails, airways and waterways with close-knit networks. When learning about Maharashtra and its agriculture, one can know that crops such as millet, sorghum, rice, cotton, peanuts, tobacco, sugar cane, mangoes, cashews, bananas, oranges, and other pulses are grown in high scale.

The history of Maharashtra would reveal that it was mentioned in the Chinese inscription of 7th century. The Chinese traveler named Hsuan Tsang who came across the region mentioned it in the inscription. The early settlers in this region were called Maharastri which then developed in to Marathi by the end of 8th century. Also the region has a fair share of influence of Greece and central Asia where people came from. This region has significant historical importance as it has found a special mention in the world renowned epic, Mahabharata. Also Mauryan Empire ruled it, after which it was under the control of Yadava Dynasty and later it came under the Muslim rule for many years.

Reading the various facts about Maharashtra would let you know that the region is abundant in various minerals of industrial nature such as common salt, silica sand, lime stone, manganese, bauxite, coal, copper, iron ore and lime stone. This state also has areas with rich sources of coal such as Chandrapur, Nagpur and Bhandra. Apart from these resources this region is also rich in timber reserves and undersea oil reserves. There are 34 districts in Maharashtra. These districts are well planned and well managed by efficient government officials. They manage each district with a team of well qualified members. They also make sure that the law and order and basic amenities are provided.

Maharashtra Map

Facts About Maharashtra
Area 307,713 km2
Capital Mumbai
Languages Marathi
Literacy 82.90%
Population 112,372,972
Largest City Mumbai

List of all Districts in Maharashtra

Code district Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
AH Ahmednagar Ahmednagar 4,088,077 17,048
AK Akola Akola 1,629,305 5,429
AM Amravati Amravati 2,606,063 12,235
AU Aurangabad Aurangabad 2,920,548 10,107
BH Bhandara Bhandara 1,135,835 3,890
BI Beed Beed 2,159,841 10,693
BU Buldhana Buldhana 2,226,328 9,661
CH Chandrapur Chandrapur 2,077,909 11,443
DH Dhule Dhule 1,708,993 8,095
GA Gadchiroli Gadchiroli 969,960 14,412
GO Gondia Gondia 1,200,151 5,431
HI Hingoli Hingoli 986,717 4,526
JG Jalgaon Jalgaon 3,679,936 11,765
JN Jalna Jalna 1,612,357 7,718
KO Kolhapur Kolhapur 3,515,413 7,685
LA Latur Latur 2,078,237 7,157
MC Mumbai City 3,326,837 69
MU Mumbai suburban Bandra (East) 8,587,561 534
NB Nandurbar Nandurbar 1,309,135 5,055
ND Nanded Nanded 2,868,158 10,528
NG Nagpur Nagpur 4,051,444 9,892
NS Nashik Nashik 4,987,923 15,539
OS Osmanabad Osmanabad 1,472,256 7,569
PA Parbhani Parbhani 1,491,109 6,511
PU Pune Pune 7,224,224 15,643
RG Raigad Alibag 2,205,972 7,152
RT Ratnagiri Ratnagiri 1,696,482 8,208
SI Sindhudurg Oros 861,672 5,207
SN Sangli Sangli 2,581,835 8,572
SO Solapur Solapur 3,855,383 14,895
ST Satara Satara 2,796,906 10,475
TH Thane Thane 8,128,833 9,558
WR Wardha Wardha 1,230,640 6,309
WS Washim Washim 1,019,725 5,155
YA Yavatmal Yavatmal 2,460,482 13,582


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