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Looking at the map of Dadra and Nagar haveli, one can know that it covers an area of 491.00 sq km. It is located at the northern bank of the Daman Ganga River. One will also know through this Dadra and Nagar haveli map, that it is a western Indian Union Territory.

Dadra and Nagar’s haveli road map offer excellent instructions to reach out to various destinations or places of interest. One can find various places such as Vanganga Lake Garden, Hirwavan Garden, and Tribal Museum, Vanvihar Tourist Complex, Water Sports Centre and Himavan Health resort. Dadra and Nagar haveli railway map would also let one know the various short routes to the destinations of your choice. Tourists can have a good view of various stations and the connectivity of the state across various major locations of the country. Tourists can also find in the Dadra and Nagar haveli tourism map that about 43% of the total region comes under the forest area.

Also, the reserved area of forest cover is about 20,359 hectares and the protected forest area is of 2.45% of the total area. This has gathered a lot of attention as there are two types of forests such as Tropical Moist deciduous Forest and Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest.

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