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Haryana map offers complete information about the location of this state. One can get to know that Chandigarh is the capital city of Haryana with the help of a map of Haryana. This map can be downloaded online or bought from a local store. The area of the region is about 44,212 km2 making it the largest city of Faridabad.

The Haryana village map shows the location of various villages, its total population and the literacy rate of each village, etc. Haryana road map tells you the various networks of roads such as the National Highways or state highways or other roads passing through the city.

Map of Haryana India would also state the number of people residing there and the proportion of people from different sectors and religions living there such as Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, and Jains. One will also know through the map of Haryana that there are various lakes, gardens, hills, parks, and zoos.

With a district map of Haryana, one can find that there are 21 districts in this state that are well connected with one another. Haryana railway map also shows the various railway stations in every district of Haryana and the enhanced railway routes in every village in this state.

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