Every country around the world has a department under the name of tourism in order to monitor the activity of tourism in their country. Tourism has been a major source of income in many countries and it also the same in the country of India.

The country with its vast cultural habits and number of sceneries and wild life creatures attracts many to it. Hence the government of India has allocated a separate department for the tourism in the country and it is responsible for the income through it.

The ministry after analyzing the facilities given by the tourism and transport operators approves them and allows them to take care of the tourism department across the different states of the country. Only few of the transport and tourism operators are approved by the government and they function in an efficient manner in serving the tourists.

M/S. Orix Auto Infrastructure Service Ltd and M/S. Airtravels are the approved transport and tourism operators by the government in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. M/S Tara Brothers is the only approved transport and tourism operators by the government in Chandigarh, Chandigarh. The capital of the country, New Delhi has hundreds of such operators who work for the government.

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