Flights from Mumbai to Chennai

FromToFlight No.DepartureArrivalDaysAirlines
MumbaiChennai6E 43110:00 AM12:00 PMDailyIndigo
MumbaiChennai6E 2792:45 PM4:50 PMDailyIndigo
MumbaiChennai6E 1917:50 PM9:45 PMDailyIndigo
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:45DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:45567Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:45123Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:457Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:45345Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:50DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:454Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai3388:5510:4512Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai46715:3517:20DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai48111:0012:50DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai21433:004:50DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:20DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai21433:004:50DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai48720:2022:10DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai48720:2022:10DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai3389:3011:206Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai48115:3017:20DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai214321:4523:35DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai46921:4523:354Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4636:458:352Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:203Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4636:458:353Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4636:458:354Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4636:458:35567Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4636:458:35DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai46715:3017:151237Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai48111:0012:502Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai48111:0012:503Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:202Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai46715:0517:057Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai46715:0517:05456Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai46715:0517:05DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:2045Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:207Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:201Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:2034567Jet Airways
MumbaiChennai4657:309:20DailyJet Airways
MumbaiChennaiS2 31433:004:50DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 39098:5510:45DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 39416:458:35DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 39437:309:20123457JetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 394415:3017:15DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 395511:0012:50DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiS2 395820:2022:10DailyJetKonnect
MumbaiChennaiAI 05707:009:00DailyAir India
MumbaiChennaiAI 06719:4011:40DailyAir India
MumbaiChennaiAI 057217:1519:05DailyAir India
Mumbai (BOM)Chennai (MAA)IT 31257:559:55DailyKingfisher
Mumbai (BOM)Chennai (MAA)IT 31816:258:15DailyKingfisher
Mumbai (BOM)Chennai (MAA)IT 31816:258:25DailyKingfisher
Mumbai (BOM)Chennai (MAA)IT 318318:3020:20DailyKingfisher
Mumbai (BOM)Chennai (MAA)IT 318318:4020:25DailyKingfisher
MumbaiChennai(MAA)G8 3015:507:45DailyGo Air
MumbaiChennai(MAA)G8 30318:2020:20DailyGo Air
MumbaiChennaiSG 2916:057:55DailySpicejet
MumbaiChennaiSG 27511:4513:40Mon/Tue/Wed/ThuSpicejet
MumbaiChennaiSG 27416:4518:40DailySpicejet
MumbaiChennaiSG 20621:0523:05DailySpicejet

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Mumbai Airport AddressChennai Airport Address
Airport Name: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Domestic Terminal
Terminal -1B (Santa Cruz)
Mumbai – 400 099.
Airport Name: Chennai International Airport
Address: Great Southern Trunk Road
Tamil Nadu
Country: India
GMT Offset: +5:30 hours
Latitude: 12´58′56″N
Longitude: 80´9′49″E
PHONE NUMBER: (91) 44 234 0551/234 3323
FLIGHT INFORMATION NO : (91) 44 234 4433

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