If you like adventure and that too in the mountains NainaPeak in the hills of Nainital is the right destination for you. This naturally astounding place has amazing landscape capable of pleasing and creating the youthful desire of adventure in you.

Naina Peak Nainital leads to a pleasant forest with vibrating waves of life. It portrays a beautiful picture encompassing the fantabulous natural diversity.

It is located at a distance of 6 km from the town, China Peak it brings to you an enthralling view of the region including the most glorious Himalayas. Tours to Naina Peak Uttaranchal have soared with the growth of tourism in the region and this has attracted people from all over the world. The domestic travelers are frequent visitors of the place apart from the ubiquitous locals. Nainital tour promises so much and this place is a glitter to it.

Nainital tourist places are famous for their distinctive natural surroundings and the Naina Peak tourist attractions are one of the many facets of this wonderful place. Naina Peak Uttaranchal is a quiet place and provides a beautiful view of the mountains on the Tibet border along with myriad other astonishing sites expressing the elegance of Nainital in a scintillating manner.

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