Lakes are an integral part of the picturesque beauty of Nainital. Of the myriad number of Lakes present in Nainital the Naukuchia Tal is one of its kind and is very pleasing one for the visitors.

Naukuchiatal is called so because it has nine corners. The intriguing aspect of this lake is that it attracts migratory birds which make it a wonderful place for the bird watchers. The resort in Naukuchiatal provides exposure to the extremely soothing and pleasant Mother Nature.

The lake resort Naukuchiatal is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts as well. The place is also blessed with an orchard and has historic importance to add to all the naturally pleasing adjectives. Naukuchiatal India is the place where Rabindranath Tagore completed his Gitanjali and later went on to win the Nobel Prize for it. Naukichiatal Uttaranchal has grown over the years as a tourist destination which has been a blessing for the places near Naukuchiatal as well.

The Naukuchiatal Lake and the Naukuchita Lake resort are the major ingredients of all the Naukuchiatal tourist attractions. The resorts in Naukuchiatal, in particular, have won a special place in the heart of the people who have already visited and have generated enthusiasm in many who are willing to come to this wonderland.

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