Pratapgad fort tops the list of forts in Maharashtra as the most strikingly beautiful and scenic forts in western India. Pratapgad fort Mahabaleshwar is 900 meters above the sea level and is situated, 120 Kilometers away from Pune, in the Satara District of Maharashtra. This Mahabaleshwar fort was built by Maropant Trimbak Pingle in the rule of the famous Maratha King Shivaji Maharaja.

Pratapgad fort has become a tourist place in Mahabaleshwar. Monsoon time is the best time for visiting forts near Pune. This fort near Mumbai is a great place for trekkers during the monsoon times. This fort attracts trekkers and tourists, by giving an amazing view of the forest and its foothills’ rivers. The green forest and the rivers paint such serene scenery that the trekkers love all the more.

The fort is known for the adventurous trekking experience it provides. It is steep and the climb is difficult. This fort could be easily any seasoned trekker’s favorite trek spot. Trekking can also be done not only during the monsoon times but throughout the year. Good hotel accommodation near the fort makes sure that the trekkers do not face any difficulty in stay and food. Historically this fort is also known for its strategic positioning.

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