Rajasthan, the land of the royals is a perfect destination with natural beauty to satiate the quench of sightseeing thirst of every traveler. As a land rich with heritage and culture, sand dunes, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, animal safaris, and bird watching, Rajasthan is a place that is overwhelmingly rich in natural beauty. This largest state can easily be identified with the help of the readily available Rajasthan Maps. These maps will show the geographical location of this state in the northwestern part of India. Rajasthan Thar Desert, Mount Abu and historical rich ancient monuments to its credit which are shining gems on the crown of this Royal state.

The major portion of this region is covered by the Thar Desert which is the foremost place of tourist attraction. Feel like a king by taking a visit to the extravagant palaces with luxurious amenities, historical forts, sculpture rich temples, traditional cuisines and camel rides that cannot be availed in any other part of the world. The population of this region is filled with large mustached men with heavy silver anklets and colorful turbans in reds, oranges, and pinks. The women wear intricately designed plaited veils and mirror studded bright-colored saris that are identical to this region. The region is rich in agricultural products such as sugar cane, oilseeds, pulses, tobacco and cotton which contributes highly to the state’s economy. Also, the state is rich in naturally occurring minerals such as salt deposits, copper mines, marble, and sandstone.

The cities in Rajasthan have luxurious hotels which are actually ancient buildings such as old forts and palaces wherein you would feel like a maharaja during your visit. These heritage hotels also take an extra leap with luxurious suites, royal palate food and royal furniture arranged with much elegance. This one time life experience makes this place a wonderful tourist destination. This is the most fascinating feature about Rajasthan when one travels around for the first time.

History of Rajasthan states that archeological and historical facts about Rajasthan date back to the 7th century to the 11th century which is roughly 100,000 years ago. This state is also known to be under Emperor’s Akbar’s Mughal Empire after which it was ruled by the Rajputs. There are 23 districts in Rajasthan and each is subdivided into seven divisions for effective administration and are headed by the Government official who ensures that the well being of the population and the tourists are well maintained.

Rajasthan Map

Facts About Rajasthan
Area 342,239 km2
Capital Jaipur
Languages Hindi
Literacy 68%
Population 68,621,012
Largest City Jaipur

List of all Districts in Rajasthan

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
AJ Ajmer Ajmer 2,180,526 8,481
AL Alwar Alwar 2,990,862 8,380
BI Bikaner Bikaner 1,673,562 27,244
BM Barmer Barmer 1,963,758 28,387
BN Banswara Banswara 1,500,420 5,037
BP Bharatpur Bharatpur 2,098,323 5,066
BR Baran Baran 1,022,568 6,955
BU Bundi Bundi 961,269 5,550
BW Bhilwara Bhilwara 2,009,516 10,455
CR Churu Churu 1,922,908 16,830
CT Chittorgarh Chittorgarh 1,802,656 10,856
DA Dausa Dausa 1,316,790 3,429
DH Dholpur Dholpur 982,815 3,084
DU Dungapur Dungarpur 1,107,037 3,770
GA Ganganagar Ganganagar 1,788,487 7,984
HA Hanumangarh Hanumangarh 1,517,390 12,645
JJ Jhunjhunu Jhunjhunu 1,913,099 5,928
JL Jalore Jalore 1,448,486 10,640
JO Jodhpur Jodhpur 2,880,777 22,850
JP Jaipur Jaipur 5,252,388 11,152
JS Jaisalmer Jaisalmer 507,999 38,401
JW Jhalawar Jhalawar 1,180,342 6,219
KA Karauli Karauli 1,205,631 5,530
KO Kota Kota 1,568,580 5,446
NA Nagaur Nagaur 2,773,894 17,718
PA Pali Pali 1,819,201 12,387
PG Pratapgarh Pratapgarh 1,75,867 642
RA Rajsamand Rajsamand 986,269 3,853
SK Sikar Sikar 2,287,229 7,732
SM Sawai Madhopur Sawai Madhopur 1,116,031 4,500
SR Sirohi Sirohi 850,756 5,136
TO Tonk Tonk 1,211,343 7,194
UD Udaipur Udaipur 2,632,210 13,430

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