Ross Island which is often referred to s Ross Islands is part of Andaman Nicobar Islands of India. There is another Ross Island in Antarctic region. Therefore, Ross Island in India is differentiated as Ross Island in Andaman. Any trip to Andaman Islands definitely includes a visit to this Island, which lies just 2 Km away from Port Blair. Port blair is connected to Indian mainland by flight. In addition, there is ship route from Chennai to Port Blair. People go on Jettys or boats to Ross Island. The sand on Ross Island beach is very smooth so it is described as silky to touch by many. The flora and fauna here are exotic and protected stringently by local authorities.

There is a much smaller island in the sea which, when the waters recede during the low tide, forms a contiguous part of Ross Island. The water is usually clear, but bluish green in shade. Palm trees and coconut trees line part of the beach out here. The shade of the water undergoes slight change when the tide is high. People go here for swimming or just enjoying their day at the beach. The island is not inhabited per se, except for a watchman. So there are no hotels or restaurants out here. However, there are some shady places or huts built for people to stay indoors at noon.

Such shaded huts are not equipped with mats and other things, so people need to carry their mats, water, and food. In order to keep the beach clean, authorities do not permit any cooking.  It is possible to see wildlife such as deer, pig, or even elephant out here, apart from innumerable variety of fishes. A colorful bridge on water identifies this island when traveling on boat.

Ross Island Tourist Map

Facts About Ross Island
Area 0.8 km2
State Andaman Nicobar Islands
Languages Hindi,English, Tamil
Best Time to Visit Oct-May
Nearest Railway Station Chennai
Nearest Airport Veer Savarkar Airport, Port Blair
Famous Marina Park and Aquarium, Neil Island, Viper Island
STD Code 91-3193

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