Tirupati is an important place form the point of view of pilgrimage and culture. The city imbibes with itself the richness of cultural traditions and religious practices. About Tirupati, one can easily say that it is one of the most indispensable pilgrimage destinations within the country. The Tirupati temple is a very famous religious place known for the Venkateswar Swamy temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara where followers and worshipers from all over the country come for their religious activities.

The Tirupati history has experienced the administration of the Chhola Kingdom, the Pallava kingdom and the Vijayanagara Kingdom. The place is also referred to as the Tiruapti Devasthanam because of the religious manifestations.  Tirupati Bala ji is another important religious pace and the temple has found many visitors from all over the country to express their faith and beliefs.

Online services can be easily availed for booking. The Tirupati online offerings bring great convenience in the booking process. The Tirupati darshan trip is very popular in the Indians and the tickets for tirupati booking are high through the year. The tirupati map provides interesting details of the places to visit and the routes which can be availed. Hotels in tirupati make the trip more pleasurable through the excellent facilities offered by them.

Tirupati Tourist Map

Facts About Tirupati
Area 10.33 km2
State Andhra Pradesh
Languages Telugu, English
Best Time to Visit Oct – March
Nearest Railway Station Tirupati Railway Station
Nearest Airport Tirupati airport
Famous Tirumala Balaji Temple, Silathoranam, Theerthams, Papvinasanam, Sri Venkateswara Temple
STD Code 91-877

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