The third smallest state Tripura, finds its location among the lush green hilly regions, beautiful valleys, transparent water bodies, amazing forts, scenic locations, interesting animal life, buildings of historical importance and rock structures. The peace and charm of the location is so amazing that one cannot stop wondering about its amazing beauty even after multiple trips to the location. With Tripura Maps, one can understand that the biological location of the place is totally hilly in nature and the state is engulfed by the delta basin on all sides.

Only a small region in the North East direction stays out of the basins and shares it border with Assam and Mizoram. One would also find that the whole area is divided into hilly ranges, plateau land and low lying alluvial land. Cities in Tripura are built with high profile transport facilities that make it easily reachable from any destination in the country. The excellent work of road ways, rail ways and air ways makes it a good choice to travel with ease especially with kids around. One might also be amazed that there is also a special international bus service which plies from Tripura to other international destinations.

A shocking fact about Tripura is that the topography of the place has undergone a drastic change in the few years that has made it to take various shapes owing to the treaty signed by the neighboring countries. Also several destinations of this place are changed by the people who reside their according to their preference that one might feel that there is no more originality to the entire region. History of Tripura would tell one that the royal house of Tripura kingdom traces back to the lunar dynasty which makes it evident that it followed Hinduism in the ancient years. This is because other Hinduism based royal houses of the country were either linked to lunar or solar dynasty.

Facts about Tripura states that the reason behind the name of this state still remains a mystery which has become a controversial issue among the researchers and history buffs. Districts in Tripura are four in number which are subdivided further into 6 and each has 5 blocks respectively. The town panchayats and municipalities ensure that the sanitary facilities, hygiene and the resident facilities are taken care of. Also special attention is provided to take care of traveler accommodations wherein most of the accommodating places are loaded with excellent amenities.

Tripura Map

Facts About Tripura
Area 10,491.69 km2
Capital Agartala
Languages Bengali, Kokborok
Literacy 87.75%
Population 3,671,032
Largest City Agartala

List of all Districts in Tripur

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
DH Dhalai Ambassa 307,417 2,523
NT North Tripura Kailashahar 590,655 2,821
ST South Tripura Udaipur 762,565 2,152
ST Khowai Udaipur 762,565 2,152
WT West Tripura Agartala 1,530,531 2,997

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