Uttar Pradesh is a highly populated state in the country which is popular for its various locales such as lush green pastures, flower filled gardens and parks, the world famous symbol of love The Taj Mahal, Forts, monuments of historical importance and various Buddhist destinations. This immense beauty has invited the attention of many foreign travelers who are awestruck by the places that are ready for exploration. The Uttar Pradesh Maps would show the location of the place in the northern portion of the country.

The state of Uttar Pradesh shares it border line with Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Nepal. This state is considered as the second largest state in Indian economy. Facts about Uttar Pradesh would let one know that the GDP is Rs. 708,000 in crores. This state is highly popular for its agriculture and service sector that has made the other countries to look in awe with anticipation. The Cities in Uttar Pradesh stays well connected to major cities in India through airways, railways and roadways. They are also highly equipped with high profile amenities to cater to the needs of the people of the region and the travelers as a whole. Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

The interesting feature about Uttar Pradesh is that it has high numbers of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists and they live here in unanimity, feeling free to pray their gods and practice their culture and style. Each festival in celebrated in good pomp and style here, as people come together for every occasion. The entire state is divided into two namely Ganges plain or the Indo Gangetic plain and the southern uplands. The whole plains are highly fertile in nature that the crops are enriched with good fertile soil.

History of Uttar Pradesh would tell one about the Stone Age Homo sapiens who are hunters and gatherers who lived in that age. Also this place has found special mention in the Harappa culture, Indus valley civilization and is even talked about in the epic called Ramayana. Being a large state, the Districts in Uttar Pradesh are divided into 75 and are subdivided into 18 divisions for effective planning and management. This helps to make sure that the districts are well maintained and have abundant natural resources which are effectively tapped and used. Also the array of flora and fauna is so rich that special projects are planned to maintain them.

Uttar Pradesh Map

Facts About Uttar Pradesh
Area 243,286 km2
Capital Lucknow
Languages Hindi
Literacy 69.72%
Population 199,581,477
Largest City Lucknow

The location of Uttar Pradesh can be easily found with the help of Uttar Pradesh map. This state is located in the northern part of India. The capital of the state is Lucknow. The state of Uttar Pradesh was founded on 1 April 1937. Evident from the map of Uttar Pradesh, it is obvious that Uttar Pradesh is spread over a vast area. It is the 5th largest state in India. Hindi is the official language of the state.

The Uttar Pradesh road map gives the estimation that Uttar Pradesh owns 42 national highways constituting a total length of 4,942 km. According to the Uttar Pradesh district map, the total number of districts in the state is 72. Some of the major crops cultivated in Uttar Pradesh are mango, rice, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes. Places of interest in the Uttar Pradesh map with cities are Mathura, Allahabad, Varanasi and Ayodhya.

As per the statistics in the Uttar Pradesh railway map, the state has the largest and most established railway network in India. The Shatabdi express is the second fastest train running across the state from New Delhi to Lucknow. From the India Uttar Pradesh map numerous places of interest can be found. Uttar Pradesh is one amongst the most populous state in India. It is a mixed blend of commercial and historical significance.

List of all Districts in Uttar Pradesh

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
AG Agra Agra 3,611,301 4,027
AH Allahabad Allahabad 4,941,510 5,424
AL Aligarh Aligarh 2,990,388 3,747
AN Ambedkar Nagar Akbarpur 2,025,373 2,372
AU Auraiya Auraiya 1,179,496 2,051
AZ Azamgarh Azamgarh 3,950,808 4,234
BB Barabanki Barabanki 2,673,394 3,825
BD Budaun Budaun 3,069,245 5,168
BG Bagpat Baghpat 1,164,388 1,345
BH Bahraich Bahraich 2,384,239 5,745
BI Bijnor Bijnor 3,130,586 4,561
BL Ballia Ballia 2,752,412 2,981
BN Banda Banda 1,500,253 4,413
BP Balrampur Balrampur 1,684,567 2,925
BR Bareilly Bareilly 3,598,701 4,120
BS Basti Basti 2,068,922 3,034
BU Bulandshahr Bulandshahr 2,923,290 3,719
CD Chandauli Chandauli 1,639,777 2,554
CS Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Nagar Gauriganj    
CT Chitrakoot Chitrakoot 800,592 3,202
DE Deoria Deoria 2,730,376 2,535
ET Etah Etah 2,788,270 4,446
KR Kanshi Ram Nagar Kasganj    
EW Etawah Etawah 1,340,031 2,287
FI Firozabad Firozabad 2,045,737 2,361
FR Farrukhabad Fatehgarh 1,577,237 2,279
FT Fatehpur Fatehpur 2,305,847 4,152
FZ Faizabad Faizabad 2,087,914 2,765
GB Gautam Buddh Nagar Noida 1,191,263 1,269
GN Gonda Gonda 2,765,754 4,425
GP Ghazipur Ghazipur 3,049,337 3,377
GR Gorakhpur Gorakhpur 3,784,720 3,325
GZ Ghaziabad Ghaziabad 3,289,540 1,956
HM Hamirpur Hamirpur 1,042,374 4,325
HR Hardoi Hardoi 3,397,414 5,986
HT Mahamaya Nagar Hathras 1,333,372 1,752
JH Jhansi Jhansi 1,746,715 5,024
JL Jalaun Orai 1,455,859 4,565
JP Jyotiba Phule Nagar Amroha 1,499,193 2,321
JU Jaunpur district Jaunpur 3,911,305 4,038
KD Ramabai Nagar (Kanpur Dehat) Akbarpur 1,584,037 3,143
KJ Kannauj Kannauj 1,385,227 1,993
KN Kanpur Kanpur 4,137,489 3,029
KS Kaushambi Manjhanpur 1,294,937 1,837
KU Kushinagar Padrauna 2,891,933 2,909
LA Lalitpur Lalitpur 977,447 5,039
LK Lakhimpur Kheri Kheri 3,200,137 7,680
LU Lucknow Lucknow 3,681,416 2,528
MB Mau Mau 1,849,294 1,713
ME Meerut Meerut 3,001,636 2,522
MG Maharajganj Maharajganj 2,167,041 2,948
MH Mahoba Mahoba 708,831 2,847
MI Mirzapur Mirzapur 2,114,852 4,522
MO Moradabad Moradabad 3,749,630 3,648
MP Mainpuri Mainpuri 1,592,875 2,760
MT Mathura Mathura 2,069,578 3,333
MU Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar 3,541,952 4,008
PN Panchsheel Nagar district (Hapur) Hapur 1,451,983  
PI Pilibhit Pilibhit 1,643,788 3,499
PB Prabudh Nagar (Shamli) Shamli 1,07,233  
PR Pratapgarh Pratapgarh 2,727,156 3,717
RA Rampur Rampur 1,922,450 2,367
RB Raebareli Raebareli 2,872,204 4,609
SA Saharanpur Saharanpur 2,848,152 3,689
SI Sitapur Sitapur 3,616,510 5,743
SJ Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur 2,549,458 4,575
SK Sant Kabir Nagar Khalilabad 1,424,500 1,442
SN Siddharthnagar Navgarh 2,038,598 2,751
SO Sonbhadra Robertsganj 1,463,468 6,788
SR Sant Ravidas Nagar Gyanpur 1,352,056 960
SU Sultanpur Sultanpur 3,190,926 4,436
SV Shravasti Shravasti 1,175,428 1,126
UN Unnao Unnao 2,700,426 4,558
VA Varanasi Varanasi 3,147,927 1,578

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