Bara Pathar is located in the middle of Kalatop and a village called Alha. One of the major attractions of this place is the holy temple of BhulwaniMatha also known as the Bara Pathar temple.

Another intriguing part of this place is the annual fair held during the month of July in honour of the Goddess which pulls a large number of people. It is a highly celebrated moment in the lives of the locals here and they do it with great zeal and vigour.

Himachal Pradesh attractions have always been a pleasing site for the tourists and the travellers. Apart from the elegance of nature there are some religious sites which pull a lot of domestic travellers from all over the country. The Bara Pathar temple is one of such places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

The cultural vibrancy reflected by this temple is so much engrained in the people of Himachal that it has become one of the prominent and refreshing Dalhousie places to visit. There are some other places in Dalhousie as well which offer an extended package to the people looking forward for a trip to this amazing place. Hotels and other lounging facilities are also available in sound condition much to the delight of the tourists.

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