Dalhousie hill station is an enchanting location that is located at the Dhauladhar range and along the River Ravi. It is one of the popular India hill stations that see a flock of tourists every year. This place has beautiful historical buildings that is rich in heritage and culture and speaks volumes of ancient architecture and slopes that are lined with pine trees.

There are various places of interest in hill station Dalhousie that acts as prime locations that attracts tourists every year such as Jandhri ghat, Catholic Church of St. Francis, Satdhara, Subhash bouli etc that are rich in natural and scenic beauty.

While taking up a Dalhousie tourism one can get drenched in the beauty of Bara Pathar, a small temple with the backdrop of a dense forest, Dainkund the beautiful town situated by river Chenab and Panjpulla a memorial of one of the popular freedom fighter of India, Ajit Singh that exhibits a natural beauty and serenity.

Famous Places in Dalhousie

Bara Pathar

Bara Pathar is located in the middle of Kalatop and a village called Alha. One of the major attractions of this place is the holy temple of BhulwaniMatha also known as the Bara Pathar temple.


he Dainkund Mountain is another pillar of strength to this already magnificent place. Daikund is one of nature’s evidence of extreme beauty and peace and this aptly reflected in the.


Panchpula is located at a distance of 3 km from the center of the city of Dalhousie. The trip from Dalhousie to Panchpula is one of the most frequent tours from Dalhousie making Dalhousie- Panchpula a very busy route.

Gandhi Chowk

The Tibetan market in particular draws a huge number of people through its diverse offerings ranging from handicrafts to electronic goods making Gandhi Chowk Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh a unique cultural mix.

Jandhri Ghat

The Jandhri Ghat is also one of the many astounding Ghats in the Country. The Jandri Ghat Dalhousie is an important reflection of the cultural aspect of Dalhousie making it an integral part of the place.


Kalatope is a Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie and is an important tourist attraction. The Dalhousie tourism has seen growth over the years and along with this growth there has been some rub off for the Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary as well.


Dalhousie Map 

Facts About Dalhousie
Area 14 km2
State Himachal Pradesh
Languages Himachali, English and Hindi
Best Time to Visit March – Nov
Nearest Railway Station Chakki Bank Railway Station
Nearest Airport Gaggal Airport
Famous Subash Baoli, Panjpulla, Bakrota hills, Kalatope, Bara Pathar, Dainkund
STD Code 1899

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