Orissa’s capital Bhubaneshwar is the first halt for any tourist desirous of traveling within the State. This Indian city has several temples which exhibit excellent carving skills of the past. The Lingaraj temple is an example of such exquisite excellence. Jain monasteries at Udayagiri, and Khandagiri also have several carvings on caves. Historians believe that the city came into existence almost 3000 years ago.

There are ruins and other evidences of Kalinga empire which existed around the year 261 Before Christ. Even the Buddhist temple in Dhauli that was built by the King Ashoka is located close to this city. In general, Bhubaneshwar qualifies as a comparatively modern city because much of what is Bhubaneshwar is actually a city that has been planned by a German designer nearly at the time of Indian independence.

More information about Bhubaneshwar can be downloaded from the Internet. Tourists who opt for Bhubaneswar travel can choose to return to Delhi by a flight from Bhubaneswar because the city is connected to other cities by air. Bhubaneshwar hotels offer delicious local cuisine, which should be tried.

It is possible to customize a tour to this city with the help of a map of Bhubaneshwar because most people are educated and understand English. Finding an affordable hotel in Bhubaneshwar is not very difficult. This is the reason many tourists book a hotel here, and then travel to various destinations in the vicinity.

Bhubaneshwar Tourist Map

Facts About Bhubaneshwar
Area 135 km2
State Orissa
Languages Oriya, Hindi, and English
Best Time to Visit October to April
Nearest Railway Station Bhubaneswar Railway Station
Nearest Airport Biju Patnaik Airport
Famous Lingaraj Temple Bhubaneswar, Mukteswara Temple Bhubaneswar, Nandankanan Zoo Bhubaneswar, Raja Rani Temple, hubaneswar, Dhauli Giri Bhubaneswar, Jaigarh Fort Bhubaneswar, Orissa State Museum, ISKCON Temple Bhubaneswar, Bindusagar Lake Bhubaneswar
STD Code 91-674

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