The Botanical garden in Pondicherry or Pondicherry is one of the places that should be visited without fail because there are many exotic varieties of plants out here. Botanical gardens usual have several varieties of plants. However, the unique thing about botanical garden in Pondicherry is that several of these plants have been brought over from different parts of the world. Therefore, the place is truly colorful and unique.

Many people do not know what is a botanical garden and treat it as any other garden. The difference is that in these gardens several hundred species of plants and flowers can be seen unlike in the normal gardens where only landscaping is done to achieve beauty. Larger variety of plants implies ensuring that each one has the required amount of sunlight and if necessary shade.  In addition, the plant’s flowers, fruits and leaves should be organized in such a way that every plant here gets the visitor’s attention. Therefore, a lot of landscaping and designing skills are involved along with horticulture skills.

Within this national botanical garden is a desert botanical garden that showcases the plants that survive in desert and still flower.A visit to such gardens helps people to assess which plants would look good in their gardens back home, and whether the required climatic conditions are there for growing some of them.

Botanical garden Tourist Map

Facts About Botanical garden
Area 22 acres
State Pondicherry
Languages Tamil, French,Malayalam, Telugu
Best Time to Visit September to March
Nearest Railway Station Pondicherry Railway Station
Nearest Airport Chennai International airport
Famous Children’s train, Six fountains, Dancing fountain, Japanese rock, Aquarium with ornamental fish
STD Code 91-413

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