Andaman Jail is more famous as the Cellular Jail or Kala PaaniCellular Jail Andaman was used by the British to punish the criminals, especially the freedom fighters from India. Many Indian freedom fighters have died here. It can be a very lonely place to live in isolation.

Savarkar was one such freedom fighter who was given this severe punishment, which is basically a form of solitary confinement. Many of his famous poems about motherland were written in the cellular Jail. Seditious writings were prohibited in that period and entailed severe punishment. British soldiers subjected these political prisoners to various forms of torture, including incarceration. This is the reason cellular jail was a feared punishment, because it meant life imprisonment along with lifetime torture. The object was to break the solidarity that existed amongst the freedom fighters. Basically, cellular prison ensures that each prisoner is kept away from another. The rooms are similar to what Herman Hess, the Nazi prisoner lived in.

During World War II, these Islands were taken away from British by the Japanese army. Japanese freed Indian prisoners in these cells. However, they too used this penal settlement for dishonorable purposes. Today, of course, there is nobody staying there. It is now amongst the protected monuments. There are rumors that it is haunted.

Cellular Jail Tourist Map

Facts About Cellular Jail
State Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Languages Bengali (main language), Hindi, English
Best Time to Visit October To April
Nearest Railway Station Chennai
Nearest Airport Vir Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair
Famous Netaji Gallery, Art Gallery, Freedom fighters Photo Gallery, Artifact Gallery, Gallows,Library on freedom movement, Diglipur Beaches, Havelock Island Beaches, Neil Island Beaches, Long Island, Rangat, Barren Island and Little Andaman Island
STD Code 91-3192

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