Situated 17 kilometres away from the main town of Gangtok is the Kabi Longstok. It was here that the Tibetian chieftain had signed a brotherhood with Te Kung Tek, the Lechpa shaman.

In fact you can find out more about Kabi Longstok when you visit the site. Amongst the dense wood forests in Kabi longstok gangtok, you will find that this place has been marked by a stone. There are various place to see in gangtok. These include the Deep Park, the monasteries, Changu Lake and so on. But if you are in Gangtok then be sure to drive by the Longstok. The place is surely going to mesmerize you with its beauty and also the stories which lie behind the place.

This is also one fo the most popular spots of gangtok tourism, mostly because of the history involved behind it. When you go for a Kabi longstok Gangtok tour then you will find the Thakurbari temple. This temple was erected in the memory of the event. This place set amidst the forests manages to send chills down your spine when you visit it, especially when you hear someone narrate the entire history of the place.

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