Situated at 140 kilometres away from Gangtok and 195 kilometres away from Siliguri, the Kechopari Lake Sikkim is the hottest place to visit if you are on your way to Gangtok.

When you plan a Gangtok tour you must try and visit the lake, the crystal clear waters and the serene beauty make it the top places to visit in Sikkim.

This lake Sikkim is known as the wishing lake. To the Laepchas this lake is like a place of worship. While on Gangtok sightseeing you can visit the lake which is a beautiful place, surrounded by forests.  In fact, you can even find a monastery near the Kechopari Lake Gangtok. This place is the best birding hotspots and if you are patient then you will be able to see the most unique and rare birds. You can even take a gangtok tour of this lake, the tour will include a trek through the forests of this Sikkim Lake as well which is around 3 kms. For places to visit in Gangtok this lake should be number one of your list if you are a nature lover with an interest in birds.

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