Sep 26, 2019

Kalatope is a Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie and is an important tourist attraction. The Dalhousie tourism has seen growth over the years and along with this growth there has been some rub off for the Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary as well.

The visitors include mainly the domestic travellers along with the locals.

This KalatopKhajjar sanctuary lies in the catchment of the Ravi River and contains covers of good coniferous and oak forests. A pleasing bowl-shaped meadow at Khajjiarwith a lake and a ‘floating’ island is a popular tourist hub. There also exists a ‘golden’ domed temple at the edge of this meadow, dedicated to the deity ‘Khajinag’, from where this area derives its name. Kalatop-the wild life sanctuary is one of the most pleasing sites for the tourists exposing to them to the realm of natural ecstasy.

There are numerous Dalhousie Tourists Places and this wild life sanctuary is an integral part of the Dalhousie tourism. It has abundance of nature which integrates purity in its offering along with the incredible cultural mix portraying an amazing picture of this astounding place.The Kalattope adds another amazing chapter to the already enthralling and captivating book of Dalhousie tourism embracing nature’s amazing creations.

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