Lakshadweep comprises 36 islands which are popular for its sun-kissed beaches, ample green filled landscapes and exotic locales. There are about ten islands inhabited by people, twelve atolls, three reefs, five banks that are submerged and three reefs on this island. The Lakshadweep Maps would let one know that these islands are situated 440 km away from the Kochi region in Kerala. The islands have Karavatti as its capital and it is the major town on the island.

The interesting features such as the landscapes with natural form, abundant in flora and fauna varieties, engulfed by the Arabian Sea and variety of species makes these islands an excellent location for vacationers and makes it fascinating for the traveler when he/she gets to know about Lakshadweep in person. Also, these islands are well connected by various flights that ply across various destinations worldwide. Also, helicopters ply from Agatti to Kavaratti that plies all around the year. The climate of this region is a tropical one. The warm, hot and humid climate makes it a perfect location for holidaying. During the monsoon season, the ship tour is canceled and it is available during the Months of June to October.

The humidity of this region is about 70 to 75%. About 90 days in a year are rainy days. During the months, October to March, the winds are breezy and light that makes more tourists crowd the region. The History of Lakshadweep would differ from one another as one date back to the last Cheran King finding this place while the other speaks of Prophet Mohammed finding this place according to the dream he had. Facts about Lakshadweep would tell one that the meaning of the name of this island both in Malayalam and Sanskrit language means a hundred thousand islands.

When speaking of Lakshadweep tourism, coral islands needs special mention as it has some of the world-famous coral reefs such as the Atoll reefs. This can be a wonderful sight to look at the corals through the special glass-covered special boats. Snorkeling amidst the coral reefs also offers an unforgettable holidaying experience to those who love the waters. They might also be able to capture the beauty of corals with their cameras. The newlyweds can also make use of various Lakshadweep honeymoon packages to ensure that they have a nice time together which would bring them closer. These packages are designed to cater to the needs of every single couple that even ones on a stingy budget will be able to find a suitable one.

Lakshadweep Map

Facts About Lakshadweep
Area 32 km2
Capital Kavaratti
Languages Malayalam, English
Literacy 92.28%
Population 64,429
Largest City Kavaratti

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