Pondicherry also is known as Puducherry is the largest French colony in the country. The state is popular for its bougainvillea alleys, seafront locations, rich French-influenced culture, French architecture, serene Sri Aurobindo ashram and charming locales. The wide coastline that spreads about 32 km dotted with palm-lined beaches, fresh and calm backwaters, fishing villages, resorts with quaint little cozy cottages, exotic wine varieties and flavorful French cuisine are some of the magnificent features that make one keep coming to this exotic location. The Pondicherry Maps would show the city is located on the eastern seaboard of the country.

The exciting feature about Pondicherry is that travelers can happily while away their time without having to worry about their daily work. If you are looking for a perfect location which should be a stress buster, then this place is the ideal choice. Switch off the mobile phones, sip some wine while enjoying a delicious meal, put your feet up, rent a bicycle, stroll at the park or learn some pottery. In spite of its small size, this state continues to attract travelers and tourists from all across the world as the spiritual charm of this place is irresistible. Also, the maps would show the capital of this union territory is Pondicherry.

French is the main language spoken in this state and has few French inhabitants still now. Other languages spoken by the people here are Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, and Telugu. The climate of this location is a tropical one which is hot and humid throughout the year except for the monsoon season which occurs from October and December. When reading the history of Pondicherry, a person can know that the place was under French control before 50 years from now and the influence it has over the region is immense that even now one can find the tricolor flag fluttering in some areas. The city has sprawling streets filled with shops and bazaars wherein the traffic blocked streets and shrines are filled with people all over.

Facts about Pondicherry states that the crippling amount of taxes on liquor makes beer and other such drinks much cheaper in this state. When a person is in Pondicherry he can relax at the sandy beaches and drink to his heart’s content as it is only applicable in this state. A visit to various Pondicherry tourism places would leave one highly energized and rejuvenated to the core.

Pondicherry Map

Facts About Pondicherry
Area 492 km2
Capital Pondicherry
Languages Tamil, French, Malayalam, Telugu
Literacy 86.13%
Population 1,244,464
Largest City Pondicherry

List of all Districts in Pondicherry

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
KA Karaikal Karaikal 170,640 160
MA Mahe Mahé 36,823 9
PO Pondicherry Pondicherry 735,004 293
YA Yanam Yanam 31,362 30

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