Mysore is one of the most prominent cities in Karnataka, India. It is in fact the second largest city of Karnataka. Mysore is well known for some of the interesting places that it has and the festivities which cover the city with the fever of joy and happiness. This is something which is really refreshing about Mysore.  The city has also shown significant growth in the field of education as well, and now it is a host to some of the very popular institutes in the country.

The Dasara festival in particular is very famous and it is during this festival a large number of tourists come to this city. Tourism is an indispensable industry and with the Mysore resorts and other important places it has continued to grow. Along with this the software industry has grown significantly providing tremendous employment opportunity for the people. The Mysore city is pretty well developed infrastructure and manifests an attractive cultural mix.

The Mysore map gives a good idea regarding the optimal paths for a traveller. Most of the travellers are those which travel from Bangalore to Mysore and hence are the ones who visit the city frequently. The Mysore accommodation aspect is very well taken care by the hotel in Mysore which provides gratifying services to the tourists.

Mysore Tourist Map

Facts About Mysore
Area 128.42 km2
State Karnataka
Languages Kannada, English, Hindi
Best Time to Visit October- March
Nearest Railway Station Mysore railway station
Nearest Airport Bangalore International Airport
Famous Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, Zoo, St. Philomena’s Church, Brindavan Garden, Rail Museum, Jaganmohana Palace, Ranganathittu, Somanathapura
STD Code 91-821

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