One of the longest ropeways in Asia which is also a passenger ropeway is the one in Darjeeling. You might have heard of many Darjeeling tourist places but your trip will be incomplete if you don’t go on this.

This ropeway in Darjeeling was started way back in 1968. In 1988 it was renovated but in 2003 it was shut down because a cable snapped and two cars had plummeted downhill killing four passengers. In February of 2012, this Darjeeling rangeet valley passenger ropeway was reopened.

The breathtaking ropeway Darjeeling takes only 6 passengers at a single time. But the wait for this is truly worth it. The passenger ropeway Darjeeling makes you feel like you are flying over the tea plantations and the meadows, the end result is truly magnificent. One of the major parts of tourism in Darjeeling is the ropeway. It covers a distance of 2 kilometers in one ride and takes around 45 minutes and although the ride is slow, every second spent on the cable cars is worth all the money and time you spend on waiting. You get two trips on the ropeway, one is while going down and the other is while ascending. So you get enough time to take pictures.

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