Sri Aurobindo ashram Pondicherry is one of the famous spiritual and non controversial communities in India. This ashram is referred to with different names such as Pondicherry AshramAurobindo ashram, and sri aurobindo ashramBasically, the ashram provides a community where people can retreat from their stress filled lives and come to terms with their spiritual nature.

The Ashram was started by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, in 1926. Sri Aurobindo believed that he had managed to travel in three planes which he described as life, mind, and matter. This stage is described as satchitnand in hindu holy scriptures. This helps people to achieve total bliss and walk away from any misery that may be crippling them. Sri Aurobindo wanted to share this knowledge and method of achieving this state of mind. The ashram was started primarily with that objective. He received a lot of assistance in promoting this philosophy from Mirra Alfassa who was a lady from Paris.

Her parents were Jewish albeit from Turkey and Egypt.  She became a person who guided the devotees or saadhaks here and was referred to as the Mother.  Over the year several other features such as library, workshops, farms, flower gardens, and dairies have become part of the ashram. A sense of tranquility reverberates out here, as if the time has stood still. The Mother also built the Auroville as a place to promote peace and harmony.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Tourist Map

Facts About Sri Aurobindo Ashram
State Pondicherry
Languages Tamil, French, English, telegu, Malayalam
Best Time to Visit Oct – Mar
Nearest Railway Station Pondicherry railway station
Nearest Airport Chennai International airport
Famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram
STD Code 91-413

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