100 kilometres away from the city of Pune and 200 kilometres away from the majestic city of Mumbai, the panchgani hill station is like a little piece of heaven in India. This hill station is probably the easiest of access with a climate which is very comfortable, a variety of foods to test the taste buds of the travellers and there are various hotel in panchgani where you can enjoy your stay.

There are various places to visit in panchgani which will surely blow your mind away. One of the main panchgani attractions has to be what the tourists call the second longest mountain plateau of Asia. That is, the table land. At 60 meters of height, this large plateau mountain is formed from lateritic rock.

When you stand on top of the panchgani table land and witness the sunset, it truly is a magnificent view, giving you a full blast of the beauty of nature and the chill of the breeze from the top. You could either walk it to the top of the plateau or you could take a ghora gari or what Indians call a horse drawn cart. Either way the table land panchgani is one place you don’t want to miss out on.

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